By: Benny Henderson Jr.
April 7, 2018

There are many aspects I enjoy when it comes to listening to the multi-talented, Aaron Fink, but the one that sticks out more than others, is the raw emotion in each one of his songs. His tunes are more than words on paper, or lyrics in a melody, the listener gets an in-depth story with a poetic twist, mixed in with harmonious flowing sounds.  That combination together makes for a damn good song, and coming up April 13th, the fans of Aaron Fink will be getting a damn good record.

“Wolves & Butterflies” is the fourth solo album from the former Breaking Benjamin guitarist, and it is another helping of music that should be heard.

The album features eleven tracks that range from rock to funk with a strong soulful vibe to each song.  From the opening track, “Sweet Tooth” to the closing of “Lovebombs”, the listener will be fully entertained with heartfelt melodies and remarkable songwriting that not only grabs the listener’s full attention, but seemingly grasps the inner core of their soul.

You not only hear, but you feel the passion and emotion that flows throughout each song, to be completely honest, I found this album to be therapeutic. Although I have my favorites, such as, “Wonderlust”, “Sweet Tooth” and “Melody Lane”, there is not a bad song on the album.

Stylistically it is an instrumental masterpiece, and the voice of Aaron and his way of telling a story through song, makes him one of today’s true solidified troubadours.

For more information on “Wolves & Butterflies” or anything Aaron Fink, check out www.aaronfink.net