On Episode: #015 of All Hail Hair,  Benny Henderson Jr. will mash it up with musician/artist/writer/director, Brad Slitt.

Slitt, who hails from the rock n’ roll capital of the world, Cleveland, has been tearing down stage after stage with his brand of rock. Brad has that voice that has the sleazy rock feel to it, and the writing ability to throw down lyric’s that make are melodic, fun and freaky, and has the listener feeling dirty.

He has played with various musicians throughout the years and fronted the hard hitting rock band, Priscilla, until their breakup years ago.

Now the multi-talented artist has put his writing and acting skills together making two films, Pharisee and Running with the Angels.

Benny and Brad will talk about the happenings of Brad’s career, cover a little sleaze rock, and get the darkside of Hollywood.