On the episode #012 of All Hail Hair , Benny Henderson Jr. takes the music fans back in time on a glam metal road trip of epic proportions. Aside from playing the bands from a time when men wore more lipstick and hairspray than your 1990 prom date, he speaks with Kenny Wilkerson of the legendary rock band, Nova Rex .

Nova Rex has been rocking the scene for over thirty years, and in that time has shaken the masses with their brand of unapologetic rock. The band was ranked in the top fifty out of one-hundred bands in VH1’s Greatest Hairbands of the 80’s. They were showcased in the hair metal documentary, “Nova Rex: Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy”, as well as featured in the film, “Hair I Go Again”, and just recently released their latest helping of music, “Rock Star Roadshow”.

In this exclusive interview, bassist, Kenny Wilkerson speaks out on the career of Nova Rex, the new album, how social media has impacted the music business, and so much more. Kenny gets candid, comical, crazy and is an absolute blast in this interview. A must hear for Nova Rex fans..

Benny also pays tribute to the original host of the show, Bob Carroll, who founded the program in 2010. Every episode is dedicated to the memory of Bob “Scooter” Carroll . 1966-2011
1. Atomic Lip Bomb-Blow It Up
2. Bon Jovi-Runaway
3. Apocalyptic Lovers-Dying Day
4. Swirl-Rise Up
5.  Nova Rex-I Just Wanna Rock
6. Nove Rex-Bosoms & Beer

7. Nova Rex-She’s A Bitch
8.  Nova Rex-Love Sucks

9. Faster Pussycat-Slip of the Tongue
10. Derik Sibit-Barbie Black

11. Blackie Lawless & W.A.S.P.-Blind in Texas