All Hail Hair was created in 2010 by music enthusiast, Bob Carroll. Bob fashioned the show to be a powerhouse of a podcast on Blogtalk Radio with his entertaining sense of humor and endless knowledge of music. Every Friday night Bob would showcase tunes from the glam metal and sleaze rock scene as well as interviewing countless legendary guests, past and present in the rock world. It was the number one rated show on the Fightin’ Words Radio Network, and was on a steady climb to being one of the premier podcasts in that particular genre of music.

Unfortunately Bob left this world in the summer of 2011, not only leaving behind a heartbroken family, and a ton of friends, but the show he built with hard work and dedication ceased as well.
With much thought and prayer, and the blessing from the Carroll family, I decided to revive the show, and in doing so, trying to keep not only the memory of my best friend alive, but, to honor his effort and keep the torch of rock burning.

As long as it is possible for me to do, I will try to bring a new show every Thursday, rocking out the fans with unrelenting rock and metal, and in-depth entertaining interviews.

Bob Carroll was, is, and will always be the host of the show. I just find it an honor to have called him friend, and hopefully I can do my part in keeping All Hail Hair on the airwaves.  
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