BY: BENNY HENDERSON JR. November 5, 2017

Hard, heavy and absolute thunderous are a few words that came to mind when I took a gander at the new music from Black Water Rising. Their new helping of tunes entitled, “Electrified” pretty much sums up the new album, which was released November 3, 2017 on Pavement Entertainment.

“Electrified” consists of eleven in your face unapologetic rocking tracks that no doubt will have the listener salivating for more. The sound and style of Black Water Rising is that of raw rock, I am talking about music that is not of this cookie cutter era of music, but a breath of fresh air when it comes to hard rocking music. The new album is no holds barred rock, heavy guitar riffs, thumping drums, hardcore basslines, and melodic vocals is what the listener is instore for. Black Water Rising offers music with no BS. Something a real hard rock fan can appreciate.

Although I do have a few handpicked favorites out of the album, such as, “Millennial Zombies”, “Obey” and “Electrified”, being brutally honest, there is not a bad song on this album. “Electrified” is proof that Black Water Rising is keeping the spirit of hard rock alive. A must have for all rock fans.



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Rob Traynor-Vocals/Guitar
Mike Meselsohn-Drums
Oddie Mclaughlin-Bass
Dennis Kimak-Guitar