Hailing from the Garden State, the New Jersey based melodic metalcore band, Counterfeit Culture are on a mission to not only entertain the masses with their powerful in your face tunes, but, spread a positive message in do so.

August 1st, the band will release their three song EP, Deathwish, although the music depicts themes of domestic violence, drug abuse, and selling yourself out, it does not do so in a vulgar manner, but rather the band sheds a light on subjects that should not be ignored, nor swept under the rug by society.

Guitarist Patrick Robertson explains, “Society tries to force you to be a certain way. We’re saying that’s wrong, and you can be whoever you want to be and live life however you want.”

And in tackling these topics, I automatically knew I was going to like this band.

Now, what about the music?

Well, the EP opens up with the track, Apothecary, which features vocalist, Ricky Armellino of This or the Apocalypse. It has a melodic feel to it featuring vocals that are gruff growls, mixed with high powered harmonic vocals. The music itself is hard and heavy and quite energetic.

The second song, Second Soul, goes straight for the knock out with an in your face attitude. If you dig the unapologetic style of the post-hardcore sound, then you’re going to absolutely rave over this tune.

The final track, simply titled, X, starts off by opening a can of whip ass on the heavy beats and hefty guitar riffs. Then it drops down a notch or two, goes a little light during the opening vocals, then heats right back up with the chorus. It is like roller coaster ride of a sound, up and down, melodious and rough.

Overall, the only problem that I have with this EP, is that there are only three songs on it. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of metalcore, I could definitely find myself in the future diving into more of this style of tunes. And as for Counterfeit Culture, not only do I respect what they stand for, I dig their powerful sound.

Two thumbs up!

Release Date: August 1, 2017
Track List:
01. Apothecary
02. Second Soul
03. X