When describing the style and sound of the Texas based metal band, Covina, many words come to mind. Expressions like, raw, heavy, hard, and unapologetic automatically pop up when listening to the new helping of music. As the melody’s continue to flow, the listener gets a feeling of high energy, fire filled, grit in your eye, entertaining tunes that you not only hear, but it smacks your ear holes hard enough demanding your full attention.

And I like it!

I was just recently introduced to this kick ass band, which hails from the Lone Star State. San Antonio, TX to be exact. What captured my attention right off the bat was the band’s willingness to go full throttle with their musical abilities. And Covina’s new album, Rise.Fall.Repeat, captures that ability I was writing about.

Nathan lays down the law with heavy ass guitar riffs, Ray smacks the hell out of the bass in laying down the rhythm, Joey goes complete crazy on the drums, and the vocals of Eric and Julian, one screeching like a banshee and the other yelling out harmonious screams. Well, they all complement one another and make the kick ass sound known as Covina.

The new album by Covina features eight action packed tunes that deliver a massive amount of metal to the fans. Starting off with Prone to Sin, you get that raw feel to it, one of my favorite songs of the album, Redefine the Purpose goes right for the juggler, Savage features that unapologetic attitude that locks a fan in. To be completely honest, there is not a bad song on this album, to be blunt, it f*cking rocks! If you’re a metal fan, you need this in your collection.

Two thumbs to my brothers who fly the flag of metal!