In Episode #086, Hardcore Henderson welcomes Guitarist, Tony Phillips, from the Ohio based hard rock band, Facing Fire. Tony speaks out on the band’s recently released self-titled EP, as well as their first single, Filthy Life. He will also touHardcore Henderson #087 presents, The Cattcore Hendermurtis Hour, featuring, Catt Murtis of Blackop Mojo, and Benny Henderson Jr. In the first helping of the Cattcore Hendermurtis Hour, Catt & Benny throw down three of their top albums of the 1990‘s, along with some of their favorite tracks from their top choices. Aside from the music, the two will go back and forth with not only their opinions on the ‘90‘s music, but the two get a little comical and competitive on who wins what when the two face off in some serious gaming, and other humorous buffoonery. ch on subjects such as musical influences, the style and sound of the band, what he feels music fans will get out of their music and much more.

Alice N Chains-Man in the Box
Alice N Chains-Rain When I Die
Metallica-The God that Failed
Stone Temple Pilots-Dead and Bloated
Stone Temple Pilots-Plush
Blacktop Mojo-Dream On
Mother Love Bone-Crown of Thorns
Warrant-Train, Train