Usually when doing a music review, the opening song and ending of a record can have an influence on which direction the review may go. If the opener jumps out at you, and the ending left you wanting more, then the appraisal may be far greater than if the beginning and finish was just mediocre. Now I am not saying that all reviews go as such, I have been a few songs in when I finally started digging an album, or liked the opening but lost interest somewhere in the middle, but, the first impression and lasting imprint does somewhat have an impact on the overall opinion.
And I honestly have no clue on the reasoning on why I opened up the review as I did, apparently I felt the need to try to sound intelligent in my rambling and attempt to  school the reader on review etiquette, and most likely I went full country bumpkin in my opening statements.

But either way, the band Hogan’s Goat have no worries, from start to finish, this was quite a kick ass album.

Now when approached to do this review, I honestly had no clue of who this band was, so I definitely did not know what to expect. And when scrolling through the track list, and reading song titles as, “Rat Boy”, “Shit Kicker”, Elkhorn Mountain” and “Drinkin’ With The Priest”, I knew it could get very interesting. But I will say this, when the first track, “Rat Boy” hit my earholes, I was pleasantly pleased, and ecstatic to have the album stream on.  

The Nashville based band has that sound that is somewhat hard to pinpoint, although the style may not be easy to nail down, it does feature a feel of rock, metal, blues and a bit of soul all rolled up into one southern fried sound.  Right off the bat the listener is inclined to want more, the album has a good steady flow to it, which kept my attention. “Annie Off the Rails” showcases the bluesy, soulful feel I mentioned earlier in this review. And the next track up, “Over the Palisade” is straight out balls to the wall metal. I mean ear shredding guitar riffs and that heart pounding double bass drum assaulting your ears.

I honestly enjoyed the tunes, from the beginning of the album, to the very end, it is straight up a kick ass album, and needs to be heard. Although the band may be unsigned at this time, trust me, Hogan’s Goat will be a name that comes to light in the music world. And I am not talking about that smelly ass goat from the Scottish folklore, I am speaking of the Hogan’s Goat that will melt your face with some scorching hot ass tunes.

So the first impression of the band was a good one, and I feel strong in my view, Hogan’s Goat is a must have to add to your musical library.

Release Date: July, 18, 2017
Track List:
01. Hogan's Goat - Rat Boy
02. Hogan's Goat - Pennymade
03. Hogan's Goat - Shit Kicker
04. Hogan's Goat - Annie Off The Rails
05. Hogan's Goat - Over the Palisade
06. Hogan's Goat - If I'm Dead
07. Hogan's Goat - John Doe
08. Hogan's Goat - Jack and Jill
09. Hogan's Goat - Elkhorn Mountain
10. Hogan's Goat - Drinkin' With The Priest