When you think of soulful blues musicians, you generally envision an older black gentleman who has lived on the rough side of life, sitting on his porch in the Mississippi Delta banging away on his guitar telling stories of hard times, evil women and cheap liquor. Although that cliché has been broken with the likes of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Healey, Joe Bonamassa and Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Just to name a few) even with the color barrier being torn down so many years ago down with soulful guitar players, you would not imagine a young white boy from East Texas barely over the legal drinking age would even have an inkling of heartfelt blues.

Well, let me introduce you to small town Texas born and breed musician, Matt Coats.

Matt is from Queen City, TX, which has a population of less than 2,000 folks, and is nestled in the piney woods of East Texas. But, do not let his age, nor his geographical environment fool you, he has a big sound when it comes to music.

This past April, Matt released his debut 3 song EP, “No One’s Home”, and the only bad thing about it all, it’s only three songs.

I have listened to these three songs more than once, and I am being brutally honest, I cannot get enough, Matt Coats has the goods.

When the first song “Never Met a Woman” starts, you get a rockabilly feel to it. It has an energetic beat that will have you tapping your toes. It reminds me of something you would hear back in the day in an old juke joint. The crowd hopping and popping to an upbeat tune while having a grand ole time.

Track two, “No One’s Home”, it is a slower tune that has a great mellow melodic tone about it. Matt’s voice is not that of a twenty two-year old, instead, he has that howl and growl in his pipes that feels experienced, like he has grit in his belly and spit in his eye, as he has lived a thousand lifetimes and he is here to sing all about it.

Song three, “Run” opens up a can of whip ass, assaulting your ear holes with undeniable guitar riffs that reminisce of an old Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe, meshed with some Jeff Healey.

I cannot get enough of what I have heard from this EP. It has a quality of sound that is soulful, funky, bluesy, heartfelt, raw, real and rocking. The sound of Matt Coats cannot honestly be pinpointed or labeled as one particular style. It’s a whole bunch of badass rolled up with passionate vocals, ear shattering guitar riffs and solos, thumping basslines and heart pounding beats.

If you like music that is not only meant to be heard, but, meant to be felt, then, the Matt Coats Trio needs to be in your collection of music.