Matt’s Walk Down Elm Street #5
Dream Child
Written By: Matt Parks
November 4, 2017

Dream Child continues the franchise down a dark path of introducing a new batch of bland characters that you won’t care about, and then killing them off. Luckily, this one introduces some new Freddy lore, and I probably didn’t make it too clear that I really love Freddy lore. I like hearing about his origins, especially when they don’t shy away from being too dark. The plot is deceivingly original fresh for the Nightmare franchise. By this I mean, it introduces the idea of Freddy wanting a child, but instead of pursuing a new plot it just rehashes all the other sequels with the added darker theme about abortion.  This would work if it didn’t just follow the same batshit crazy plot sequence of the other sequences.

Just like the fourth film, there is very little to cover here. The struggle with reviewing this franchise is they begin to hit the same beats as the series progresses, so covering the plot becomes redundant the more I do it. So, here’s the plot quickly: Alice is having a baby, Freddy wants a baby, he tries to take Alice’s, Freddy kills her friends, her friends kill Freddy, and she has her baby. Let’s talk about the only thing that matters at this point in the franchise: The Deaths. How are they in this movie? They’re fine.  They’re all crazy, but some are painfully silly just for the sake of jokes.

Written By: Matt Parks
September 1, 2017

 I’ll just go into the deaths I have the most to talk about, starting with Dan, which visually is really badass! Freddy essentially fuses him with the metal on his motorcycle, and it’s a whole lot of gory fun.  What doesn’t make sense is the fusion doesn’t occur in real life, he just crashes the motorcycle into a truck. Ultimately though, it looks amazing so it wins in my book. Next is Greta who gets force fed to death, it looks really goofy, but the weirdness of it is strangely hilarious, and works to the film’s advantage. Finally, is Mark’s death which is just plain terrible.  This is one of the many occasions where the franchise dips a little too much into silliness. Mark basically reads a comic book, and is sucked into it. He then gets into a superhero fight against Freddy.  He becomes a superhero that he reads about while Freddy becomes a supervillain. Mark ends up losing and turns into a flat piece of paper, and Freddy tears the paper to shreds. The death isn’t gory or scary, and doesn’t even attempt to be. It’s just silly for no reason which is very off putting to me.

So, all in all, I have very little to say about this movie, which in any case is a bad thing.  I would not watch it again. Not in a box. Not with a fox. Not in a house. Not with a mouse. Nightmare on Elm Street 5 gets a 3 out of 10. It’s not unbearable, but it just isn’t good. It’s sad to say that we’ve still not reached rock bottom. It continues to go down from here.