By: Benny Henderson Jr.
March 9th, 2018

If you want a Texas sized helping of in your face unapologetic hardcore metal, then you have to get a taste of the San Antonio based metal band, PigWeed. The band of brothers hailing from South Texas have been throwing down the metal since their conception in 2009. And now, nine years later, their highly anticipated album is finally out for all to bask in their musical glory.

“The Weight” which was released via Pavement Entertainment, March 9th 2018, is an album worth adding to your collection. The album has eleven tracks that no doubt is an ear gouging good time. The album’s opener, “Eye of the Wasp” goes straight for the juggler, with powerful beats and gritty vocals. Track four, “Time Is Now” is a powerful slow melodic tune that although doesn’t get right up in your grill, it still has that forceful vibe to it.

Although I dig the entire album, “The Putrid” is one of my favorite tracks of them all. I like the mesh between the gritty growls and clean vocals, tossed in with the catchy melody. And if you dig melodic drawn out tunes, then all eleven minutes and thirty-eight seconds of “Suffer” will keep your attention as the song draws out to a close.

Overall, I do believe this to be a damn good beginning for PigWeed. The album is worthy to be cranked up to maximum volume and be introduced to your neighbors.


1. Eye of the Wasp
2. Check Yourself
3. Fake For Now
4. Time Is Now
5. Needles
6. The Putrid
7. The End
8. Ascending
9. Mistakes
10. Suffer
11. Mistakes (Revisited)

“The Weight”
Release Date: March 9th, 2018
Pavement Entertainment

The Band
Guitar/Vocals – Mo
Vocals – Big D
Bass – Fletcher
Second Guitar – Danny AKA Funky
Vocals – Fresh
Drums – Thomas AKA T