Benny Henderson Jr. began working on radio back in May of 2007, coming on as a guest, then co-host for Fightin’ Words Radio, ran by Bob & Butch Carroll on AM Radio out of Florida. Benny’s first podcast, The Big Dog’s View from the Doghouse, later shortened to Big Dog Radio debuted in 2010 on the network. Since then there has been a handful of variations of the program, Divine Rock Radio, The Big Dog Podcast, Music Wire Online and then The Big Rig Radio Show. After going back and forth, March of 2017, Benny decided to finally brand his show, permanently, Hardcore Henderson. The show has been featured on www.puregrainaudio.com as well as www.rockrageradio.com, and has showcased countless musical acts from around the world, as well as featuring hard rock and metal, and in-depth interviews. Here you will find recent podcasts, as well as interviews, and shows from the past.