By: Benny Henderson Jr.
April 14, 2018

If you dig a mixture of music that includes meshing together the sounds of Papa Roach, Breaking Benjamin as well as some Bullet For My Valentine, then you need to check out the alternative metal band, Sawyer Path. Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Sawyer Path hits your ears with some hard hitting unapologetic tunes. Their album, “Toxic Temptation”, which was released April 13, 2018, consists of nine tracks of straight up in your face music.

The opening track which is an instrumental that lasts just a tad bit over a minute, is more of a prelude of what’s to come. Track two, entitled, “Rise from the Ashes” goes straight for the juggler with its metal edge. Track three, “Blind”, which is the first single off the album, has that Breaking Benjamin vibe to it, which I honestly enjoyed.

Song after song the listener is entertained with the band’s brand of metal. As I wrote in the opening, if you dig different styles of music intertwined together, with their own personal touch of sound, then you definitely need to check out the band, Sawyer Path, and add their album to your library of kick ass tunes.

Release Date: April 13, 2018
1. Reborn
2. Rise from the Ashes
3. Blind
4. Through the Lies
5. Every Little Thing
6. Crawl
7. Toxic Temptation
8. My Medication
9. Running Out OF Time