By: Benny Henderson Jr.
March 9th, 2018

“Don’t Pick Your Noise” is the fourth helping of music from the Croatian prog rock band, Them Moose Rush. And to completely honest, their sound has a style of its own.

Their music is melodic, funky, at times a bit bluesy with a vintage vibe meshed in with a tad bit of WTF did I just hear? Track after track truly has this far out feel to it. An uncharacterized sound like no other, is exactly what separates the band from other musical acts.

The vocals of Nikola Runjavec has a widespan of variety to it, the vocal range is phenomenal, and hard to finger a certain distinctive style.  

The entire album is back and forth with messy grooves and unrelenting tones, which if you’re a fan of the far out sound, you’ll no doubt be pleased. I myself, it is not my cup of tea. It is not that I dislike the music, to be honest, it is well worth the listen to see if it is something you’d dig. For me, it is an acquired taste. Something I haven’t fully got a grasp on yet. But kudos to the trio for keeping it real and doing things their way.

Them Moose Rush
“Don’t Pick Your Noise”
TMR Records
Release Date: March 9th, 2018